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What is Tickeron?

Tickeron is an AI-powered tool designed to support both new and experienced traders in the stock market. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Tickeron provides a suite of tools including AI Trend Prediction Engine and AI Pattern Search Engine, promoting informed trading decisions.

The service offers AI-generated trading signals and analytics across various assets such as stocks, ETFs, and forex. Features also include real-time patterns analysis and AI-driven portfolio management advice.

With an array of educational resources, Tickeron aims to simplify market data analysis, offering users insights into trading patterns and trend predictions to help refine their investment strategies.

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Tickeron use cases

  1. Investors analyzing market trends with AI Trend Prediction Engine
  2. Traders seeking real-time AI alerts on stock patterns
  3. Beginners building AI-supported investment portfolios
  4. Members sharing trading ideas in Trader Clubs
  5. Experienced traders using AI Screener for potential trades

Tickeron functionalities

  • Trade Assistance: AI-generated buy/sell signals
  • Pattern Analysis: Real-time stock patterns tracking
  • Portfolio Advice: AI-powered diversified portfolio management
  • Market Education: 1-on-1 lessons and webcasts

Pros and Cons


  • AI-driven analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Real-time trading signals for various assets
  • Valuable insights for both beginners and experts
  • Educational resources to boost trading knowledge


  • May be overwhelming for complete beginners
  • Dependent on quality and timeliness of data inputs
  • Subscription-based access to premium features

Tickeron pricing

Investor Swing Trader Day Trader Expert
$60 USD/mo $80 USD/mo $90 USD/mo $250 USD/mo
All Beginner Features All Beginner Features All Beginner Features All Investor & Day Trader & Swing Trader Features
All AI-based Model Portfolios AI Trend Prediction Engine AI Trend Prediction Engine AI Real Time Patterns Сrурtо, Forex
AI Screener AI Pattern Search Engine AI Real Time Patterns Stocks, ETFs Time Machine in AI Screener
AI Screener AI Screener All AI-based Active Portfolio
1x AI Robot All AI Robots

Tickeron reviews


Based on 3 reviews online

Many users have voiced concerns over Tickeron’s billing practices and customer support. A common complaint was about unexpected charges, with one customer highlighting how they were led into a yearly subscription from a $1 trial without clear notification. Others spoke of experiences where their paid subscriptions vanished without explanation, coupled with unresponsive service when seeking help. Additionally, an alarming incident was shared about a failed payment attempt for a service not used in nearly two years, raising suspicions about how securely Tickeron manages user accounts and billing.

Despite the focus on billing and customer support issues, it’s tough to find expressed positives in the feedback provided. The recurring theme among reviews leans heavily towards the negative, especially around unexpected charges and the lack of effective communication from the company.

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