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My Personal Resume Worded Review

C. David

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In today’s competitive job market, where more than 60% of the U.S. civilian labor force is actively engaged, it’s more crucial than ever to stand out. The job market in 2023 is fiercely competitive, and getting your foot in the door of your dream job has become an art form – one that requires a standout resume. That’s where Resume Worded steps in.

What is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform, designed by top recruiters, that provides personalized coaching and actionable feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. The goal? To land you 5x more interviews, opportunities, and job offers. Whether you’re new to the job market, pivoting your career, or just passively job searching, it’s a tool that aims to amplify your chances of landing your dream job.

Resume Worded Pricing

Resume Worded offers various subscription options:

  • The Monthly plan at $49/month gives you flexibility, allowing you to cancel anytime.

  • The Quarterly plan, their most popular, offers a 30% discount at $33/month, billed as $99 every 3 months. It acknowledges that job searches typically last 3-6 months and emphasizes the need for various tailored resumes.

  • The Yearly plan offers the best value with a 60% discount, costing you just $19/month, billed as one payment of $229.
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Who is Resume Worded For?

Resume Worded is a resume tool built for job seekers navigating the job market. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a seasoned professional looking for a change, or passively job searching, this platform can be a valuable resource. However, based on reviews, it appears to be better suited for those in tech and management roles. The platform may not be as accommodating to those in non-corporate or non-tech roles.

How Does Resume Worded Work?

Resume Worded works by analyzing your resume or LinkedIn profile and providing instant, tailored feedback. The AI-powered platform acts as a resume review tool, scoring your resume based on factors and skills that hiring managers care about. It not only points out glaring mistakes like bad grammar but also offers constructive criticism and actionable advice to improve your resume’s impact.

The platform employs advanced features such as line-by-line analysis, akin to the attention you’d receive from two resume writers scrutinizing your document. It also leverages the power of artificial intelligence to ensure your resume is optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which many companies use to screen resumes.

Resume Worded Features

Resume Worded comes packed with several features designed to give you an edge in your job search:

Resume review tool

This tool provides a comprehensive review of your resume, offering feedback on areas for improvement and highlighting your resume’s strengths.

Review tool feedback

Score my resume

This feature scores your resume based on multiple factors that hiring managers consider, providing a gauge of how your resume might perform in the real world.

Poor resume score

Targeted resume

This tool allows you to tailor your resume to specific job descriptions, increasing your chances of passing ATS filters and landing more interviews.

targeted resume experience

Customizable resume templates

Choose from over 350+ templates to create a visually appealing and professional-looking resume.

Linkedin profile feedback

It extends its services to your LinkedIn profile, giving actionable feedback to improve your online presence and attract more opportunities.

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Personal resume worded review

As a user of Resume Worded, I found the platform helpful. Here, I’ll be writing as thorough and in-depth as possible to provide a comprehensive review of my experience.

When I first started my job search, I was struggling. It felt like I was throwing my resume into a black hole, receiving non-stop rejections from every company. I stumbled upon Resume Worded and uploaded my resume. The feedback I received was eye-opening. I realized that my resume was subpar. I lacked concrete accomplishments, and issues like bad grammar and punctuation were detracting from my professional image.

Actionable steps

After implementing the platform’s suggestions, my job search took a turn for the better. Hiring managers complimented my improved resume, and the positive response I received was a drastic change from my earlier rejections. The newsletter is a bonus, filled with helpful tips other tools and insights.

Resume Worded wasn’t flawless, however. The platform did struggle with document scanning, misreading some content. Yet, I viewed this as a blessing in disguise. After all, if Resume Worded’s AI struggled with scanning, a general ATS employed by companies would likely encounter the same issues. I took this as an opportunity to further refine my personal resume’s content and layout for better ATS compatibility.

Miswording content

Unfortunately, the platform had its downsides. I noticed the website was slow, which affected my user experience. There was also a surprising error – the system spelled my name incorrectly, despite it being correctly written on my uploaded resume and the card I used for payment.


Moreover, the platform’s bias towards corporate and tech roles was evident. As a user outside these industries, I felt marginalized, and the feedback I received wasn’t as beneficial. The customer support also fell short when I raised my concerns, offering dismissive and unhelpful responses.

Quantify corporate

While the platform isn’t perfect, it’s definitely not a scam. It offers a completely free resume review service, which I found helpful. The paid service simply extends this further, providing more detailed feedback and access to additional features.

Resume Worded is not a magic bullet for your job search struggles, but it’s certainly a useful tool. It provides actionable advice to transform your resume, making it more appealing to both ATS and hiring managers. However, it may not be the best fit for everyone, especially those outside of corporate or tech roles. I would rate it a solid 3.5 out of 5.

It’s crucial to remember that while using tools as Resume Worded can aid your job search, the real work is up to you. Understanding the job market, tailoring your resume to each job description, and presenting your best self in interviews will always be key factors in landing your dream job.