The AI Reports

Best AI Music Tools

1 uses neuroscience-backed music to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep, supported by solid research.
LALAL.AI excels in audio separation technology, offering tools for vocal and instrumental extraction alongside voice cleaning.
ecrett music provides AI-powered tools for easily creating and customizing royalty-free music for various types of content.
Loudly offers AI-generated royalty-free music, simplifying the creative process for digital content producers.
Mubert offers innovative AI-generated music for creators, brands, and developers, providing original, adaptive soundscapes.
Soundful, an AI music platform, empowers creators with tools for generating and monetizing original, royalty-free music.
Riffusion employs AI to translate imagination into music, inviting collaboration and community involvement.
Boomy leverages AI to allow users to create, edit, and distribute original music tracks with ease.
Explore SOUNDRAW: an AI-based music generator for creating unique, royalty-free soundtracks for various media projects.
LyricStudio helps songwriters create, refine, and perfect their lyrics with an intuitive AI-powered platform.
Explore creative songwriting with Amadeus Code, the AI-powered assistant offering unlimited melody generation.
Discover WavTool: an AI-powered, browser-based music production tool with free Basic and full-featured Pro options.

All Music Tools

AIVA, an AI tool for rapid music generation, simplifies licensing and supports style customization.
Voicestars offers AI-generated cover song production with a variety of artist voices, catering to music creators.