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What is provides an AI Cloud Platform that offers a range of machine learning and AI tools for businesses and organizations. Its suite of tools includes Driverless AI for automated machine learning, H2O-3 for open-source distributed machine learning, and features like AutoML for optimizing model selection and validation.

They promote ‘Democratizing AI’ to enable more individuals and companies to utilize AI technologies.’s solutions include applications for financial services, healthcare, marketing, and more, focusing on predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, has developed specific tools such as H2O Document AI for extracting data from documents, and H2O Wave for low-code AI application development, to cater to various industry needs. use cases

  1. Business analysts predicting inventory levels using’s tools for risk assessment.
  2. Data scientists automating model development with H2O Driverless AI for efficiency.
  3. Healthcare providers extracting patient data from records using H2O Document AI to improve care.
  4. Retail managers optimizing assortment and pricing strategies by analyzing market data with AI. functionalities

  • Automate: Feature engineering, optimization.
  • Develop: Machine learning models rapidly.
  • Extract: Data from documents intelligently.
  • Deploy: Models with ease in various environments.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports widely used algorithms.
  • AutoML feature optimizes models.
  • Accessible from multiple programming languages.
  • Integrates with existing data infrastructure.


  • May require technical expertise to utilize fully.
  • Complexity could overwhelm non-technical users.
  • Deployments in large environments may be challenging. pricing

No pricing is available. reviews


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Many people who use are happy because it makes their work with machine learning models easier and faster. They like how you don’t have to be an expert to use it and how it has many features that help make good predictions. The part that makes working with data and models simple is something many users find very useful.

Some folks think could do better, though. They mention that it could give better instructions and help messages when something goes wrong, which would make it even easier to use. Also, some think it would be great if could handle more types of data work, like cleaning data or working with big data sets in ways that other tools do.

A few people aren’t too happy with the cost of some products, saying they’re pretty expensive. They also mention wanting more options for using the tool with the very latest technology, like edge computing for IoT, which is about processing data near where it’s collected instead of sending it far away to a data center.

Overall, it looks like most users really like for its strong points, such as making machine learning less complicated and supporting a wide range of uses. The issues some users have don’t seem to outweigh the good stuff, so the general feeling is that is a great tool for lots of different machine learning tasks.

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4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

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