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What is provides an AI Cloud Platform that offers a range of machine learning and AI tools for businesses and organizations. Its suite of tools includes Driverless AI for automated machine learning, H2O-3 for open-source distributed machine learning, and features like AutoML for optimizing model selection and validation.

They promote ‘Democratizing AI’ to enable more individuals and companies to utilize AI technologies.’s solutions include applications for financial services, healthcare, marketing, and more, focusing on predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, has developed specific tools such as H2O Document AI for extracting data from documents, and H2O Wave for low-code AI application development, to cater to various industry needs. use cases

  1. Business analysts predicting inventory levels using’s tools for risk assessment.
  2. Data scientists automating model development with H2O Driverless AI for efficiency.
  3. Healthcare providers extracting patient data from records using H2O Document AI to improve care.
  4. Retail managers optimizing assortment and pricing strategies by analyzing market data with AI. functionalities

  • Automate: Feature engineering, optimization.
  • Develop: Machine learning models rapidly.
  • Extract: Data from documents intelligently.
  • Deploy: Models with ease in various environments.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports widely used algorithms.
  • AutoML feature optimizes models.
  • Accessible from multiple programming languages.
  • Integrates with existing data infrastructure.


  • May require technical expertise to utilize fully.
  • Complexity could overwhelm non-technical users.
  • Deployments in large environments may be challenging. pricing

No pricing is available. reviews


Based on 24 reviews online

Many users praise for its efficient support and the power of its Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) tools, highlighting faster and better performance in machine learning model creation. The interface and easy usability of AutoML, particularly Driverless AI, are often mentioned as standout features.

Some reviews offered balanced viewpoints, pointing out that while facilitates model creation and testing, there is room for improvement in areas such as documentation, data processing capabilities, and educational resources. Suggestions also include better integration with newer technologies and providing more practical examples for certain industries.

On the downside, certain users experienced difficulties with cryptic error messages and steep learning curves for maximizing the use of advanced tools. Concerns about affordability for small-scale users were noted since some features may be costly.

Overall, the majority of feedback skews heavily towards the positive, with the strengths of’s AutoML tools and customer support receiving particular commendation. While some critiques are present, they do not significantly overshadow the general satisfaction with the service, leading to a positive verdict.

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4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

4.8 (132)

Writerly offers a robust suite of AI productivity tools designed for content generation and workflow optimization.

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